What is LVT?

LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile. Unlike traditional vinyl flooring, LVT is made from multiple layers of high-quality materials including PVC, vinyl and resin, which is compounded with plasticisers and stabilisers.

These materials are then compressed under pressure and high temperatures to create a hard-wearing, durable floor that will look beautiful in your home for years to come.

What is the difference between LVT & sheet vinyl?

LVT comes in a large range of plank and tile sizes, giving you complete freedom to select colours and shapes to suit your space. Sheet vinyl comes in a roll, and will normally need to be installed in one or two large pieces.

LVT also has a much thicker wear layer than sheet vinyl, making it far more durable and resistant to scuffs and scratches.

And if a more serious repair is needed, replacing a single LVT tile is far easier and cheaper than the replacement of a complete sheet vinyl floor.

Is LVT suitable for my home?

 LVT is a fantastic choice for all areas within your home, including your kitchen and bathroom. LVT tiles are water-resistant, making them perfect for use in busy, communal family spaces. Our LVT tiles can be used in wet rooms, but the flooring adhesive may soften if submerged for a period of time.

All of our collections will function brilliantly and look beautiful in bathrooms and kitchens, but we’d recommend Click Smart if you’re undecided. It’s easy to fit, click locking mechanism requires no adhesive, making installation on a subfloor or over an existing floor a breeze. The collection is also 100% waterproof and suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, for extra peace of mind.

Is LVT suitable for pets?

All  LVT collections feature a durable wear layer – helping to protect your floor against day-to-day family life, including the comings and goings of lively family pets!

For families with dogs, we’d suggest Amtico Signature – a collection featuring our thickest wear layer at 1mm with a top Quantum Guard Elite layer, a patented urethane treatment that provides extra durability and excellent protection against everyday wear and tear.

Regardless of what collection you choose, we’d recommend using a protector on your new floor to add an extra layer of protection against minor scuffs and scratches. Take a look at our Wear and Care guide for more detailed information on caring for your floor.

Can LVT be used as an alternative to tiled flooring?

Absolutely! Our range of stone LVT designs look authentic and are durable and easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for busy households.

Ceramic and stone flooring are naturally cold, and damaged tiles can look unsightly and be difficult to replace. LVT is warm underfoot, minor scuffs and scratches can often be buffed out with Maintenance products, and individual tiles can be replaced if damaged.

For elegant design options inspired by 19th century Victorian ceramic tiles, we’d recommend choosing Amtico Décor.

Please note LVT is not suitable for external or unheated locations.

Can LVT be used with underfloor heating?

Yes! All our collections are designed to work with underfloor heating which means they won’t warp or crack like some natural floors do.

Your underfloor heating system will need to be installed and commissioned to ensure that it is working with no leaks, prior to your LVT flooring installation. The heating system will need to be switched off at least 48 hours before and after installation.

Please note, your underfloor heating temperature should not exceed 27˚c, as this may cause damage to the LVT. 

Is LVT water resistant?

Most LVT tiles are impervious to water, but there is the possibility of the adhesive softening if the floor is under water for any length of time.

Can I steam clean my LVT Flooring?

We recommend avoiding the use of steam cleaners on LVT products, as the intense heat may damage the tiles or cause adhesives to fail.